4 Reasons Why May You Need Teeth Extractions in Norcross, GA?

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Tooth extraction is a process wherein the tooth of a person is removed from its original place in the mouth, gum and the bone structure. Compared to other dental procedures and treatments, tooth extraction might sound like a scary process. However, if you have a decent conversation regarding the same with your dental care provider, and discuss the reasons about the extraction process and its necessity, it is bound to ease your mind.

You might want to keep your teeth intact for a lifetime. However, due to various circumstances, prompt removal of your natural and biological teeth may be needed. Tooth extraction though it sounds like an easy procedure, might be a bit complicated under certain situations. In several cases, the procedure will require more invasion of instruments and other dental tools, but the process is meant to fix your dental aesthetics in the end. In various events, many patients, as well as their dental care providers are not willing to get your original tooth removed from its spot. Various steps shall be taken by your dentists to avoid the procedure of tooth extraction. But, no matter what, sometimes, tooth extractions is the necessary step that needs to undertake.

Various reasons because of which tooth extraction may be necessary are:

  • Tooth decay and damage: a conservative and a traditional approach shall be implemented by your dental care provider when trying to save and repair a tooth that is decayed or damaged. If the decay in the tooth is severe, then solutions and precautions shall be taken to save them, like crowning and fillings. If these procedures also cannot work their wonders, then the tooth will require extraction. If not extracted, the decayed tooth can cause potential issues and damages for your overall health.
  • Orthodontics: while undergoing an orthodontics treatment (braces), tooth extraction might be needed. Certain teeth might need removal for the braces to work. A tooth that shows signs of crowding can hamper the symmetry that will be expected of the braces and hence, tooth extraction shall be necessary.
  • Wisdom teeth: the extra set of molars that grown in the back of an adult mouth can cause various problems for many people. The pain and anxiety that the wisdom teeth bring along are not able to be handled by everyone. And therefore, this might lead to infections, abscesses, and swelling, along with the pain. Thus, extraction of wisdom teeth is necessary.
  • Baby teeth: the teeth of a baby or the milk teeth are there in a child’s mouth for a temporary period, and they go away after a certain while. In Some cases, these baby teeth might not go away promptly and hence, to make sure the permanent teeth or the adult teeth that are supposed to grow in that spot, grow in the right manner and position, baby tooth extractions are important. It will promote a healthy development of the new and permanent teeth.

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