5 Things To Remember When Having An Extraction, Norcross

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Dental aesthetics of a person could go through various changes during the lifetime of a person. No matter what though, all kinds of dental procedures, treatments and dental surgeries would be able to fix them. Sometimes, however, certain dental problems could only be resolved by extracting the tooth. The tooth might need extraction because either it has contracted any form of infection which is potentially hazardous to one’s mouth and life, or the teeth could be a wisdom tooth causing all forms of pain and trauma to the person who has them.To keep a check on the well being of both- your physical health, as well as your dental health, teeth extractions will become necessary.

  • Teeth extraction is pulling out the tooth completely, or extracting it through various modes- surgical and non-surgical, to save the bone structure socket, in which it resides.
  • Some people need tooth extraction because there is overcrowding in their mouth. Overcrowding of teeth could lead to deterioration of dental health because they are difficult to maintain.
  • Children need tooth extraction as well, sometimes, because of the fact that their baby teeth tend not to separate itself. If this does not happen naturally, it could hamper the growth and development of the permanent adult teeth.
  • Certain people while undergoing the orthodontics treatment would need the extraction surgery to make sure that orthodontics is a success.
  • People undergoing various other forms of surgery- like chemotherapies are people who tend to have a weaker immune system. And if there is even a minor infection in their teeth, it would need removal because it could pose a threat to such person’s health and life.
  • Usually, in their late teen years and early 20’s, some people develop a third set of molars, which we commonly call the wisdom teeth. If not grown properly, no matter what the reason, they could cause pain, trauma, anxiety, and other forms of threats to the dental health of a person. And hence would need extraction.

Now that we know why teeth extractions are necessary, we can go on further to know about certain things we should know about the extraction surgery as well:

  • There are two types of procedures through which teeth extraction could take place- the surgical procedure, and the non-surgical procedure. The surgical one is the complex one, in which a small incision is made around the gums of a person from where teeth need to be extracted. The teeth are causing problems, but has not yet erupted out of the person’s gums. Whereas, the simple procedure applies on to the teeth that have almost become loose and just need a little push to be extracted completely. A simple tug with the help of forceps is all it takes for such a procedure.
  • Once the surgery is complete, your dental care provider will want you to bite on a gauze piece for almost 20 minutes. The pressure that you would be exerting when you will bite would make it possible to form blood clots in the extraction area. This is going to make the healing process easier.
  • Once you go back home, you might experience a little more bleeding for the next 24 hours, along with some amount of pain. Your teeth might also become sensitive for a couple of days after the treatment.
  • It takes about six months for the bone structure to grow back again, after the tooth extraction.
  • You would want to take your dental care provider’s advice seriously. You wouldn’t want any other problems to be caused because of being careless. If there are other problems after the surgery, they could affect your life and health.

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