Answering the Most Common Questions About Dental Emergencies

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It is possible for someone who is comfortable watching their favorite show to experience a dental emergency over a bowl of popcorn. Aside from the fact that some of its parts can easily get stuck in between the teeth, unpopped kernels can also damage the teeth. And despite wearing a full sports gear, accidental blows to the mouth can lead to lacerations or worse, a dislodged tooth. Due to these reasons, it is vital for patients to be aware of dental emergencies so that they will know how to react when encountered. To help patients, we at Norcross Dental Associates prepared a list of the most common questions and their corresponding answers. Read on below.

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What is considered a dental emergency?

It is a condition where a patient experiences discomfort, pain, swelling, and even bleeding which they cannot do anything about. Patients should understand that oral health complications usually do not get fixed on their own. That said, if any forms of emergency arise, one should seek the assistance of a professional at once.

How can a patient get rid of something that is stuck between the teeth?

The first thing people should do is attempt to remove the food or object using dental floss. Never try to use sharp items like pins since this can damage the teeth and gums. If using a floss did not work, calling a dentist is the best course of action to take.

How to get relief from a toothache?

If the pain has been persistent, here are some tips to follow for relief or as a temporary answer while going to the dental office:

  • Brush and floss to get rid of debris that may be causing the pain. Rinsing with warm water is ideal as well.
  • Take over the counter pain relievers but do not place them directly against the area of the problem tooth. Doing so will lead to more discomfort due to the damage it can cause to the gum tissues.
  • See the dentist for proper diagnosis. Although the pain may subside, it can return if not addressed accordingly. To avoid the further decline of oral health and the need for expensive services, a patient must take immediate action.

What is the best step to take after chipping a tooth?

Chipping a tooth requires an immediate visit to the dentist. Although it may seem like a simple issue, know that it can lead to complications, especially if the inner portion of a tooth is exposed.

What if a tooth filling falls out?

It is best to book the soonest appointment for dental professionals to take actions. While waiting, over the counter dental cement or a sugar-free gum could serve as temporary protection for any exposed portions.

The best time to take action when it comes to any form of emergency is on the time it occurred. Let us at Norcross Dental Associates take immediate measures with our Emergency Dentistry service in Norcross, GA!