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Have you thought of any cosmetic dentistry procedure you would like for your teeth, to improve the appearance of your smile? If there is anything that you would like to change about your smile, what will it be? For most people, cosmetic dentistry is basically about the improvement of the aesthetics of a person’s smile that includes the teeth shape, color, the alignment, and so on and so forth. However, this is not the only thing that cosmetic dentistry is here for. Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the enhancement of your teeth’s appearance, because it also addresses certain conditions of your teeth in order to restore their proper functions like chewing, speaking and biting.

Cosmetic dentists are highly skilled when it comes to working on the improvements that you want to achieve with your smile. It is, well, very important because the appearance of your teeth is not the only thing that is going to be addressed here, even the health of your teeth will also be improved once the alignment and position are corrected.

The quality of your smile is very important because it can make an impact on your self confidence and self-esteem, it can also affect the way you interact socially with other people. Certainly, you would not want to worry about how your teeth look when you are outside in public, but if there is anything that you need fixing, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer that you need.

How is cosmetic dentistry beneficial?

If you are embarrassed with an imperfect, uneven and stained teeth, you do not have to suffer for long because you can get the solutions you need through cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of services that can make a significant difference in the appearance of your smile. Most of the procedures under cosmetic dentistry only require a few visits although there are some that require more sessions like bridges, crowns and dental implants. But regardless of the treatment and the length of time or the number of sessions, the most important thing is that you get the procedures you need to enhance your teeth so that it looks better and functions better.

What are the examples of cosmetic dentistry procedures?

  • Teeth whitening – teeth whitening is one of the most commonly performed procedure. Although you can get this done at home using store bought teeth whitening systems, professional teeth whitening treatment is still a lot more effective because it can deliver fast and visible results in just one session.
  • Composite bonding – bonding is used to repair decayed, damaged or discolored teeth. Bonding uses a composite material that looks like a natural tooth to cover the part of the tooth where there used to be decay, and seal it using a curing light. Bonding is an effective way to restore the appearance of a damaged tooth so that it looks and functions better, just like a natural tooth again.
  • Dental veneers – veneers are used to replace missing teeth, and just like bonding, veneers are made in such a way that they will look like your natural teeth. Veneers are made of ceramic and are useful for addressing teeth imperfections like crooked teeth, cracked teeth and to close the tiny gaps and spaces between your teeth.
  • Dental crowns – crowns are typically used to cover severely decayed or damaged teeth. These are more natural looking compared to veneers and can be made of several materials like porcelain or gold but you can consult your dentist to be able to decide the best option for you.
  • Bridges – bridges are useful when it comes to closing the gaps between your teeth. These are made of a metal unit out of 3 crowns from a porcelain material. The bridge attached by having it cemented to either side of the gap.

Improving your smile is something you may be looking forward to but before making a decision, you have to think carefully on the changes you want to see on your smile and how you want your smile to appear. Then discuss these things with your dentist so that he can develop the best treatment plan for you.

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