Dental FAQs: Get to Know More About ClearCorrect

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Are you not too happy about how your teeth are aligned? Fortunately, achieving straighter and healthier teeth is now easier than in the past. Patients no longer need to wear unsightly and uncomfortable metal components; instead, they can avail of ClearCorrect. Not too familiar with this particular orthodontic appliance? Let us at Norcross Dental Associates help you know more about it by answering some of the most common questions. Continue reading below!



What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic approach that eliminates the use of metal brackets and wires to guide the teeth to their proper places. It instead uses a series of removable, molded trays that are worn over the upper and lower dental arches.

How does the treatment work?

This orthodontic approach makes use of 3-D computer imaging technology to outline of the teeth from their initial to the final position, from which the custom-made aligners to wear throughout the treatment is produced. Typically, the dental professional will instruct the patient to replace aligners every two weeks until the desired outcome is achieved.

What are the aligners made of?

To offer better aesthetics and comfort, the aligners are made from transparent, durable medical-grade plastic that appears virtually invisible when worn.

What do the ClearCorrect trays look like?

The aligners resemble teeth whitening trays but are customized for every patient to guarantee a snug fit that is enough to move the teeth. Some dental professionals even refer to the clear aligners as contact lenses for teeth.

Is the treatment painful?

Just like any other orthodontic treatments, ClearCorrect aligners can cause temporary discomfort at the beginning of each stage for a few days. This occurrence is normal and is usually described as the pressure applied to the teeth. An indication that the treatment is working by pushing the teeth towards their ideal position. Patients need not worry about this since it will gradually fade after a few days.

Are there any restrictions?

Unlike traditional braces, ClearCorrect allows patients to eat whatever they like during the treatment since they can simply take the aligners off. However, they should remember to brush their teeth after meals and clean the aligners before wearing them back on.

What are the primary benefits offered by ClearCorrect?

  • There are no brackets and wires that can poke or irritate the soft tissues in the mouth—promoting better comfort.
  • Patients can set proper expectations since they may see their virtual treatment plan even before starting.
  • The teeth can be straightened without other people noticing.
  • It offers better oral hygiene and convenience due to its removability.
  • There are less frequent visits since the patients themselves can switch out the trays.


Did these pieces of information convince you to proceed with the treatment? If yes, let us at Norcross Dental Associates handle your orthodontic treatment with our Invisible Braces in Norcross, GA! Call or visit us to get started.