Dental Sealants in Norcross, GA: The Best Protector for Your Teeth

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Are you dreaming of having cavity-free teeth? With all the sweet indulgences sitting inside the glass chiller of your favorite pastry shop, keeping your pearly whites healthy is challenging – especially with the absence of dental sealants. The teeth need the added protection of sealants to keep their teeth free from decay.

Cavities are rampant here in America. The key to maintaining the shape of your oral health is to observe a proactive approach. For your dental sealants needs, talk to us at Norcross Dental Associates! We welcome patients, both young and adults, to avail of the treatment.


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Benefits Of Sealants

Dental sealants have many advantages. Some of those include the following:

The effects of sealants are long-lasting

You can take advantage of dental sealants for up to ten years. Plus, you can always extend their longevity by practicing the right care and brushing pattern. Are you ready to enjoy long years of decay-free smiles? Book your teeth sealing appointment with us at Norcross Dental Associates!

Dental sealants effectively safeguard the teeth against cavities

The chewing surfaces are composed of deep pits and fissures. These grooves are where food debris usually gather. The same particles settling in the molars cause dental caries to develop. Sealants are applied on top of the tooth to fill in the grooves, thereby hindering bacterias to accumulate.

The procedure is fast and simple

The application of sealants is quick and hassle-free. After cleaning the tooth that needs the treatment, the dentist will then paint a solution with sticky consistency for the sealant to bind. The dental professional utilizes a tooth-colored plastic to coat the tooth surface and harden it with a special light afterward.

No matter how you brush and floss every day, without sealants, the teeth can still get cavities. The grooves are the favorite location of bacterias. They love to reside in these areas and attack the tooth in the long run. Since toothbrushes cannot reach the deep pits and fissures of the molars, it is essential to opt for sealants.

Get added protection to your teeth with the help of Dental Sealants in Norcross, GA. Book your appointment with Norcross Dental Associates! Our dental office is located at 5448 Spalding Drive, Building 100, Suite A, Norcross, GA 30092.