Dentures in Norcross, GA: Common Questions from New Wearers

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Most people who experience tooth loss usually get dentures to give their smiles a second chance. However, not everyone knows or are convinced of its importance for the overall oral health. Dentures do not merely fill in the spaces on the mouth to improve the smile of patients. It also prevents the potential effects of tooth loss to the oral structures and health of the mouth. Tooth loss if left unattended can result in complications like gum disease which is something that should not be disregarded.

At Norcross Dental Associates, we believe that dentures can effectively preserve the overall oral wellness of a patient. With that in mind, we offer options such as partial and full dentures depending on the needs of each of our patients. They even have the opportunity to choose between conventional and immediate full dentures for their convenience. To make sure that our patients would have a pleasant experience when getting their dentures, we offer sedation dentistry with Nitrous oxide, comfortable blankets, convenient chairside computers, and the latest technology with digital x-rays.




We know that new denture wearers may have certain questions about the oral appliance they are now wearing. So to help them, here are the most common questions raised by new denture wearers.

What are the common things a new denture wearer will experience?

It is common for the appliance to feel loose since the cheek muscles and tongue are still learning to keep it in place. As the mouth adjusts soreness, irritation, and overproduction of saliva will also be experienced.

Should patients worry about dentures being noticeable?

Dentures whether full or partial are designed to resemble natural teeth closely. So patients are assured that other people would not notice anything unusual in the mouth.

Will eating be more difficult?

Patients may be uncomfortable in using the dentures when chewing foods for the first few weeks. That is why dentists recommend new wearers to start with a soft diet and eventually shift into a regular diet to aid with the adjustment.

Will there be any speech changes?

It may be difficult for new wearers to pronounce certain words but this will pass as their mouth adjust. Practice by speaking out loud for a couple of days to get used to the appliance quickly.

Should dentures be worn for 24 hours?

Dentists recommend new wearers to use the appliance as much as possible for the first few days including when sleeping. It is necessary for patients to do so for them to adjust to the appliance quickly. Once the adjustment period is over, the patient may remove the device while sleeping.

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