Does the Toothpaste I Use Really Matter?

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Staring down at the shelves in the personal hygiene aisle at your local grocery store, you cannot help but wonder what the difference is between that $1 generic toothpaste and that $5 name brand item, aside perhaps from the shiny box. The ingredients appear to be the same, so is it really worth buying the more expensive product?

According to your dentists in Norcross, the answer is yes, but to an extent. Toothpaste manufacturers want to sell their product like any other retailer, which is why you see so many options on the shelves. Some contain specialty whitening additives to make your teeth whiter, while others cater to people who have higher oral sensitivities.

Which Product Is Right for You?

Cosmetic benefits aside, the most important characteristic of any toothpaste you buy is that it is going to clean your teeth effectively. Fortunately, all brands contain adequate amounts of fluoride (needed to strengthen tooth enamel) and cleansing properties to make the purchase worthwhile, but figuring out which one is best ultimately comes down to knowing your needs.

If you have sensitive teeth, it would indeed be better to buy toothpaste that helps out with this issue. Likewise, if you have children, you should always choose a kid-friendly product (those which contain lower amounts of fluoride) instead of letting them use yours.

Until you know what condition your mouth is in health-wise, it is always better to consult with your Norcross dentist before purchasing toothpaste that has loads of additives.

Certain teeth whitening agents, for instance, can cause tissue irritation in some people. Since these properties work to strip the enamel in order to whiten the surface, they are also not recommended for individuals who have genetic predispositions to weak enamel.

So, do not feel forced to buy the most expensive toothpaste in the store, because your teeth will most likely be fine without it.