Don’t Be Deceived by Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is often misunderstood. Mostly, people would only think about those horrible and terrifying images of a painful procedure. Some people would opt to have their tooth extracted than to undergo a root canal treatment. But what people should understand is, if a missing tooth is not replaced after an extraction, this can lead to misalignment of the teeth, bone loss, and other dental complications.

Root canal treatment is an alternate procedure for a tooth extraction to preserve the damaged tooth. This is done when the tooth’s inner pulp is damaged or infected, causing you to have a toothache ranging from mild to severely painful.

The reason why most people would opt for tooth extraction than to undergo a root canal treatment is due to the common misconceptions or myths associated with this procedure. Below are some common misconceptions or myths about root canal treatments.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is painful

The procedure itself is not as painful as one would believe. The pain is due to the infected tooth’s pulp that needs to be removed, but through root canal treatment, the pain can be eliminated. At Norcross Dental Associates, we offer our patients with local anesthesia and laughing gas to provide a comfortable and positive dental experience.

Root canal treatment causes illness

It is believed that the bacteria trapped inside the affected tooth can cause diseases throughout the body after a root canal treatment, but this is wrong. No study has proven the claims that root canal treatment can cause illnesses. In fact, undergoing the procedure can actually reduce the risk of getting dental complications.

Root canal treatment is only necessary when my teeth hurt

Pain is not always an indication that a person needs root canal treatment. In some cases, a tooth that does not hurt would mean that it is already dead. A root canal treatment will then be required to prevent it from being infected. The dentist is the one who will determine whether you need root canal treatment or a different option.

Visiting the dentist once is enough

This is one of the things that patients take for granted. After getting their root canal treatment, they won’t go back to the dentist anymore. A follow-up appointment with the dentist is needed for the tooth filling or dental crown to be placed. Placing a tooth filling or dental crowns can protect the tooth from infection and ensures that bacteria won’t leak.

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