Fluoride Rinse Can Prevent Tooth Decay

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The simple way to keep your teeth in good shape is quite simple – use fluoride. Fluoride helps to safeguard your teeth from typical problems like tooth decay, as it helps to build a barrier over time around your teeth that fights off bacteria, plaque and sugar in your mouth.

Some children have weaker teeth and require sensitive treatments and extra fluoride from a young age to keep their teeth in a strong condition. This can continue on throughout adult life, leaving you with teeth that stain easily and are extremely sensitive.

Fluoride is common in drinking water, as well as mouthwash and toothpaste. You may require stronger concentrations, which are prescribed by a doctor to give you the quality and layer of protection that your teeth need. Everyone is different so it is just a matter of finding the right solution for you individually.

If you are looking for a way to keep your teeth in better shape and want to build up a resistance to staining – especially important for smokers – then regular use of fluoride-based substances may be key to maintaining clean and healthy teeth.