Get Dental Bridges Norcross for your Missing Teeth

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Missing teeth can be a problem for many, especially if the tooth lost was lost from the front rows of the mouth. One feels conscious while smiling or talking and there is huge blow to the self confidence of the individual. And even of the tooth or teeth lost is from the back of the mouth, food residue gets lodged in that gap and can create greater problems in future. The adjoining teeth might also shift out of alignment because of lack of support. This could have been due to an accident where a teeth was broken, or when a teeth just had to be extracted. However, getting dental bridges Norcross can be the perfect solution to all these problems.

A dental bridge is literally a bridge that closes the gap left behind by a tooth or multiple teeth. It is usually made up of two or more crowns at the either side of the gap and the false tooth, teeth in between. These anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth. These false teeth, on the other hand, are known as pontics and could are usually made from porcelain. The bridges themselves are supported by natural teeth implants.

Although the procedure sounds complicated, it is not in the hands of an expert dentist and those in Norcross will help you getting the perfect dental bridges. Depending on number of teeth that needs replacement, the procedure usually take two sittings. In the first sitting, the implant is planted, and in the next, the bridge and crown is fitted on top. The procedure is almost painless but the patients are still advised to come for follow ups, in case they feel any kind of discomfort. Using dental Bridges Norcross is much safer and a more long term solution than opting for dentures, because eventually they have to be replaced and they can often come off if not fitted well.