How do you know if you require dental implants in Norcross?

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First of all, it is surprising to know that the cost of getting dental implants is much less than certain other tooth replacement techniques. Dental implants, for the record, are custom designed to fit into your mouth area and jelly in with your natural teeth. Also, these fittings are such that they enable a person to come as close to natural looking teeth as is possible. It is a fact that the natural smile and way of talking about a person is attained as much as is possible with dental implants. This is because an expert dental surgeon or dentist will be able to fashion out dental implants which are exactly fitting in your mouth and of the same shape as natural teeth.

How are dental implants different from dentures?

Dentures essentially are false teeth. These are made with porcelain, acrylic or cast metal. These fit into the gaps left behind when teeth fall off or are extracted out. After deciding to get dentures, the dentist can be fitted into the gums on the same day on which the extractions were done. This, however, may be relied on up three to four months later.

To fashion out dentures, the dentist takes the impressions of the teeth and jaw. This is then sent to the dental laboratory. Once made, these are sent back to the dentist, and the patient is gotten in touch with to come over for an initial fitting. Any adjustments to be made are predetermined and made. The patient may need to come over for further adjustments if required. This entire process does not take much time. Also, these are more pocket-friendly as compared with dental implants. These are also more suited for those people who do not have strong gums or jaws.

Dental implants are made from titanium. The implant takes on the role of an artificial root of the tooth. A 3D scan is taken as one of the first steps of this treatment. After giving a local anesthetic, the implant is placed into the bone socket and jaw. The jawbone naturally fuses in with the dental implant within a period of three to four months. Once the jawbone has grown around the implant, an abutment is affixed atop the implant to act as the actual tooth which is visible from the outside.

If dental implants are looked after well, they can last for the entire duration of the life of the patient. With this, there is no chance of movement, and hence it cannot be dislodged from its position. Dental implants do not need the kind of aftercare as dentures do. Also, proper oral hygiene should be maintained with dental implants as well. The patient should make it a point to keep them clean at all times. Also, the patient must visit the dentist when asked to ensure the implants are doing well and no harm or damage is coming to them.

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