How to Prevent Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay happens to the best of us. Well, not exactly.

Remember, every time you eat or drink, you are exposing your mouth to millions of plaque-causing bacteria. Keeping your mouth clean is the best way to stop the potential decaying onslaught these food-borne bugs cause, but this means more than just your typical nightly cleaning session. 

How to Stop Tooth Decay

Do not get us wrong; brushing your teeth is rule No. 1 when it comes to stopping tooth decay and a whole host of nasty diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

That being said, there are millions of people who either do not know how to brush properly or are inconsistent in its practice. Establishing a routine now will prevent an unnecessary trip to your Norcross dentist later on. You should brush and floss your teeth a minimum of twice per day, ideally shortly after eating breakfast and supper.

This does not mean you should rush to the bathroom right after your meal, but avoid waiting too long. Brush thoroughly for no less than two minutes, and follow up with dental floss and oral rinse.

Since most people do not have option the brushing in public, do your best to drink plenty of water throughout the day, preferably after lunch. This helps aid the production of saliva, which naturally cleanses bacteria and plaque.

Foods that contain high quantities of sugar and starch are your mouth’s worst enemy, so it pays to keep consumption of them to a low amount. Trade soda for water and candy for fruit; take it from your dentists in Norcross, your teeth will thank you!

Do we need mention the importance of visiting your Norcross dentist on a regular basis? For most patients, this is once every six months, but yours may advise more frequent check-ups depending on your oral health state. Tooth decay is not difficult to control, but can quickly get out of control if you let it.