How to Treat Canker Sores

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Canker sores always seem to show up at the wrong time, and their painful presence is difficult to ignore, especially when you’re eating.

Though they can and will heal on their own, sometimes you need them to heal more quickly. Our dentists in Norcross, Ga., have a few tips to help you treat your canker sores.

Use Over-the-counter Medications

There are several different over-the-counter medications available that help to treat canker sores. We recommend that you look for ones that list their active ingredient as benzocaine, amlexanox or fluocinonide.

For the best results, you need to start applying the medication as soon as you feel the canker sore appearing.

Apply Ice

Ice’s natural numbing power can help to numb your canker sore enough for you to enjoy a few bites. The best thing about ice is that you should be able to find some wherever you are, making this a quick and convenient solution.

Prescription Medications

If you frequently have canker sores or if your sore is extremely painful, large, or persistent, there may be a prescription medication available that can help. Come in to our cosmetic dentistry offices to discuss your options.

Try to Prevent Canker Sores

Because they are so annoyingly painful, we always encourage our patients to do what they can to try to prevent getting canker sores. Good dental hygiene is the first step towards avoiding them, but they often have additional factors that cause them.

Scientists aren’t certain what causes cankers, but they have been linked to stress and certain food intolerances. We recommend trying to reduce your stress first, then altering your diet to see if removing a food helps to lessen the occurrence of canker sores.

Common foods to try removing are gluten and citrus. If you wear braces or other dental correctors, tell your orthodontist about any issues with rubbing or cutting.