Let Your Kids Have a Worry-Free Halloween in Norcross, GA

Preparing for the Halloween? We know that most parents grow weary this time of the year, not because of the busyness but because of the goodies their children will receive. Not that they do not want their children to get any, it’s because of the adverse effects it brings to their oral health.


Little boy inside the dental office


Candies have gained its negative reputation over the years, and it continues to do so. But there are actually certain practices that need to be observed to prevent its adverse effects from occurring. And that’s what every parent should know this coming Halloween! Since we at Norcross Dental Associates are also worried about our patients’ oral state, we would like to share some tips to keep the teeth in tip-top shape during the holidays and all throughout the year!

Prevent dental emergencies caused by candies

Hard candies are notorious not only for its high sugar content but also its potential effects on the teeth. Too much sugar can damage the enamel, but its hardness makes it more likely to cause chipping or cracking of the teeth. Take precautions by warning your child to as much as possible avoid these candies.

Gooey goodness? Nope.

It takes time to completely melt a sticky candy even when chewing. It means that the teeth are exposed to sugar for an extended period with this type of candy, increasing the risk of potential damage. Its sticky particles may also get caught in between teeth making it harder to remove.

Keep your kids hydrated with water.

Water is not only good for one’s body but to the mouth as well. Drinking plenty of water promotes the sufficient production of saliva in the mouth. And saliva is not only needed to make digestion better, but it can also get rid of food particles in the mouth naturally. It also prevents bacteria from accumulating and producing harmful acids that can erode the enamel.

Visit us at Norcross Dental Associates before the holiday!

We offer a treatment which is best for children who are expected to eat plenty of sweets this coming Halloween. Since their teeth become more vulnerable to decay and cavities during this time of the year, taking preventive measures beforehand is a must! Dental sealants serve as a barrier for the chewing surfaces by keeping harmful bacterias out the deep grooves and pits that are not easily accessed during cleaning.

These tips are guaranteed to make your child enjoy trick or treat worry-free. But, why not get sealants for your teeth as well? Anyone at any age can benefit from it!

Get added protection for your kids’ chompers with Teeth Sealing in Norcross, GA. Book your appointment with Norcross Dental Associates! Our dental office is located at 5448 Spalding Drive,  Building 100, Suite A, Norcross, GA 30092.