Sedation in Norcross, GA: Helping Dental Patients Feel More at Ease

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The field of dentistry continues to improve to cater to everyone’s dental needs. Dentists aim to provide patients with nothing but a safe and comfortable dental experience. However, this seems easier said than done since many people are frightened of anything that has to do with dentistry.

Some people feel fearful and anxious just by thinking of scheduling an appointment or by seeing the dentist. Instead of giving it a go, they would rather delay or intentionally forget their scheduled visit. However, doing so only makes matters worse. An early case of a cavity can progress into an infection if left untreated. Instead of having it corrected by a conservative procedure, it would require a more complicated and costly option.

sedation dentistry

At Norcross Dental Associates, we understand how hard it is to deal with dental fear and anxiety. So, to make sure that our patients could still get the dental care and attention they need, we offer a solution in the form of sedation dentistry. We have two options available; local anesthesia or laughing gas. For our patients to know which one suits their needs and preferences, continue reading below.

Local Anesthesia

It is a type of anesthetic delivered through shots to numb a particular area needed. It works by blocking the nerves that feel and transmits pain. To make it more bearable, the dentist may even apply a topical anesthetic to block the sensation of a needle. The factors that dentists consider before administering local anesthetic to a person are the type of procedure to perform, mental disposition, and the state of their general health.

Laughing Gas

As its name suggests, this sedation dentistry option is in the form of a gas that is inhaled by patients since the start of the dental procedure until it ends. To guarantee the patient’s safety, the gas is mixed with oxygen during its delivery through a mask worn over the nose. Depending on the needs of the patient, the dentist would be able to adjust the dosage of the sedative to make sure that the patient would feel completely calm throughout. The patient would experience the following sensations: lightheadedness and tingling or heaviness of the arms and legs. But take note that these are normal and they would wear off as soon as regular air is inhaled.

Let us at Norcross Dental Associates help in getting the oral health care you need and deserve with the help of Sedation Dentistry in Norcross, GA! There is no longer a need to experience uncomfortable and painful dental procedures with the help of our options: local anesthesia and laughing gas.