Simple Tips to Help Maintain Your Oral Health – Norcross, GA

The teeth and the smile can be someone’s friend or enemy. Most people aim to have healthy teeth and have an excellent dental condition. However, tooth decay and dental caries are there to ruin everything, from the person’s teeth, smile, and even their self-confidence and also lowers their self-esteem!

A person’s tooth is porous just like a sponge that whatever is taken into the mouth will be absorbed by the teeth. Food, drinks, and medications even affect the health of the teeth, the gums and the other oral structures inside the mouth. Tooth decay and cavities then can be considered as a food-related disease; foods and drinks contain sugar which when mixed with the bacteria present in the dental plaque can produce acid and will attack the enamel of the tooth.

One of the factors that can cause tooth decay is consuming sweet foods and drinks in between meals. It is because there is no period for the teeth to recover minerals which are lost. The more a person consume sugary foods and drinks, the higher the risk of tooth decay that they will have.

At Norcross Dental Associates, we offer Dental Cleaning and Checkups to help our patients maintain their oral health.

General Dentistry

Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

  • Limit sweet and acidic drinks such as fruit juices, and sodas
  • Reduce consuming sugary foods and eat or drink these types of food during meal times instead of in-between meals.
  • Dried fruits leave a sticky residue on the person’s teeth which can contribute to tooth decay; so choose fresh fruit over dried fruits
  • Opt for healthier snacks such as vegetable sticks, plain popcorn, fresh fruits, soups, cheese, natural yogurt, and more.
  • Cut down sugar intake, as well as sugar added to cups of coffee and tea drinks
  • Drink plain milk and fluoridated tap water rather than fruit juices and sodas.
  • Eat a piece of cheese after consuming acidic or sweetened foods; dairy products such as cheese reverse the adverse effect of tooth decay
  • Brush the teeth twice daily for two minutes and don’t forget to floss the teeth every day!
  • Visit the dentist regularly for dental cleanings and checkups to prevent and diagnose dental issues. Through it, complications will be treated if there is any.


Pair these tips with proper oral hygiene and routine dental practice to achieve good dental health and keep the teeth free from dental caries and tooth decay.

You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Dental Cleanings and Checkups in Norcross, GA. Book your appointment with us at Norcross Dental Associates and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!