Steps in Evaluating a Norcross GA Dental Office

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Norcross GA is officially a city, even though it’s only a little larger than 4 square miles and there are only about 9,100 residents. But like other cities, there are quite a few dental offices in the area. Since they’re all near enough to each other, you can visit several of them to see which Norcross GA dental office is more to your liking.

Call in advance and see if you can swing an appointment so you can ask the dentist a few questions. Here are the steps you need to take when you assess a dental office in Norcross:

1. Is the parking adequate?

The distance of the dental office to your home or office isn’t really a factor, since these dental offices are located near to each other. Norcross is pretty small. But the parking space for your car is not irrelevant. If you can’t find a parking space easily or if the parking space is in an unsafe area, then that should tell you to find another dentist.

2. Is the temperature comfortable for you?

Once you enter the dental office, your comfort is paramount. The temperature is a factor in helping you feel comfortable. It can’t be too hot or too cold.

3. How does the staff treat you?

The staff is part of the office, so their demeanor is part of your assessment. They should be polite and forthcoming when you ask them questions. Your questions should include the list of services the dental office offers, as well as the prices they charge for each type of procedure.

4. How clean and organized is the office?

This is a very important part of your evaluation. Any medical office should be clean. Things should also be arranged neatly as well. Dirty, shabby, and disheveled offices don’t really bode well for the professionalism of the staff.

5. Does the décor and ambiance help you relax?

Sometimes the décor can be rather off-putting, such as pictures of various dental problems. But it helps if the posters on the wall are more pleasant, if the waiting chairs are comfortable, and if the music being played is relaxing.

6. Are the dentist’s credentials displayed prominently?

It doesn’t really make you feel confident if you have to hunt for the dentist’s diploma in his office—or if you can’t find it at all. Once you do find it, take note of the name of the dental school he graduated from. It should at least be accredited, although it would really help if the school is one of the top dental schools in the country. The Internet is full of these lists, and you can check each one to see if the dentist’s school is part of at least one of these lists.

It need not be said that your dentist’s skills is the most important consideration when making a decision, along with the fees they charge. But the Norcross GA dental office is part of the dentist’s professional façade, and it should be neat while at the same time helping you relax while waiting for your turn.