Three Benefits of a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Did you know that the global market for teeth whitening products has been predicted to grow to over $7.4 billion annually by the year 2024? Seeing the figures alone will make you conclude how in-demand teeth whitening is. It is also evidence that people have experienced benefits brought by teeth whitening. If you have trouble smiling due to discolored or stained teeth, this can lower your self-esteem and make you anxious during face-to-face conversations. 

teeth whitening treatment

Professional whitening treatments will help you out with this problem. Here are some of the benefits it brings: 

Guaranteed effective results

You could be one of those who used whitening products on their teeth that provided a failed result. Some methods require rounds of product application, and yet their effects are still not successful. The same also with drugstore products that produce partial whitening and uneven results. Fortunately, a professional teeth whitening session with the dentist exists. The procedure is not only fast, but it brings reliable results as well. After the session, the dentist will then provide you a long-lasting home maintenance suggestions. 

Safe and reliable treatment 

Some over-the-counter teeth whitening remedies can damage your gums and make your teeth sensitive. That is why it is much better to opt for professional treatment. It is safer, and you are in the capable hands of your dentist who would never risk using products that can damage your teeth. Aside from that, you’ll also get tips on post-treatment teeth to care, and on how to prevent sensitivity. Your dentist will monitor your teeth’s progress and ensure that they will not be exposed to any damage. They can also adjust the concentration of the whitening agent, ensuring that your gums and teeth are safe.

You are under the hands of an expert

When under the hands of a dentist, this will ensure that whitening products are not blindly applied to your teeth. An evaluation is made by the dentist to determine the cause of stains. Both the extrinsic (stains caused by food and beverage consumption) and intrinsic stains (stains emanating from the inside of the teeth) will be examined as well. Intrinsic stains are much harder to get rid of, but a professional will know the best approach. Instead of just masking the teeth with a whitening product, they target the real cause of the problem.

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