What Material Is Used for Dental Implants, Norcross?

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For some time now, dental implants have been known to be a reliable dental procedure when it comes to the restoration of your dental aesthetics. In the recent times, there is a certain material used for the same and have been chosen to do the job after comprehensive levels of research and understanding. The research and understanding about the physical and chemical properties of the treatment that have led to the improvement of the dental implants. Various properties are studied- composition of the surface, a microstructure of the dental implant, etc.

Dental implants, in an ideal situation, are biocompatible dental prosthetics that are resistant to corrosion as well as damage. They can be made out of two material- Titanium, and Zirconium. Both these materials demonstrate excellent levels of toughness and durability. This leads to the increase in the overall strength of an implant.

  • Titanium-based implants are known to be the benchmark, a standard in the area of dental implants. They are commercially pure and in some cases an alloy. The commercially pure dental implants tend to have traces of various elements like that of iron, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. This help improves the mechanical abilities of the same. Titanium-based dental implants that are alloys are usually mixed with elements like aluminum to ensure the strength of the implant is increased as well as it is resistant to being corroded and damaged.

There have been seen no forms of allergies arising out of titanium-based dental implants and are therefore a popular option among people. People might be sensitive to the elements present in the alloy-based titanium dental implants. However, no serious cases have been seen regarding the same. Some people are particular about any metal being infused into their body, as they might be hypersensitive. Here implants which are titanium based could cause failure if proper care is not taken.

There have not been seen any forms of damages to the titanium-based dental implants. However, if there does occur one, it must be because of the design defaults, or any default on the manufacturing front. Otherwise, dental implants that are titanium based are the best options.

  • The zirconium-based dental implants tend to merge with our body, as the titanium ones can. The use of zirconium, just like titanium dental implants cannot cause any forms of reactions, allergies, or even sensitivity. Similar to titanium implants, the zirconium implants are also corrosion resistant, and they merge with your body completely without damaging any part of your body. The zirconium-based dental implants have come in use in recent times, and have not been used for very long, but this does not change the fact that the zirconium-based dental implants are functional. However, there have been seen cases where these dental implants with smaller diameters to get damages and fractures.

The titanium-based dental implants for the reasons mentioned above remain the best choice for people, who are undergoing the implant surgery, as well as the people in the dentistry fraternity. For people who are hypersensitive, however, can be seen to shift to the zirconium-based dental implants.
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