Why is the Dental Implants in Norcross are Trending?

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Dental implants in Norcross is one of the latest techniques to be introduced in the world of dentistry. This involves tooth or teeth extraction and their replacement with titanium screws and a dental cap or crown atop it. The best part about this treatment is that a person can get back almost his or her original smile or the smile which is as close to his or her original smile.

How is this procedure carried out?

Dental implant Norcross treatment is done by pulling out the tooth or teeth which are broken, cracked, stained or infected. This treatment has to be done at the dental clinic and not at home. After teeth extraction, the dentist places a titanium screw inside the jaw bone by drilling into it. It takes about three to four months for the screws to firmly fit into place since the jaw bone grows around it naturally. A dental cap or crown is placed atop the screw to function as the tooth which the world sees. Dental implant Norcross treatment can last for the entire lifetime of the patient if good aftercare and hygiene are maintained.

One should brush the teeth at least twice daily for two minutes at least each time. Also, if it is not possible to brush them after each meal or after any food item consumed, it is best to at least rinse the mouth thoroughly well to remove all bits of food particles or drink. Also, dental flossing should be done at least once in a day. Added to this, it is best to visit the dentist on a regular basis to see if any fine tuning is required for the implants.

Dental implants in Norcross is a treatment which is very secure since the titanium screw is embedded in the jaw bone. Thus, there is very little chance of the screw coming undone at any inopportune time. In this manner, the treatment differs a lot from that of dentures. With dentures, one is perpetually scared of them falling out of the mouth if a person laughs too loudly. Also, the dentures may crack or break if the patient takes a bite into a very hard food or sticky food item.

How is this treatment different from root canal therapy?

In endodontic or root canal therapy treatment, the tooth or teeth are not extracted. The dental pulp, which is a mass of tissues, cellular constituents, nerves and blood vessels, is removed in this case. This infected pulp is removed, and the dental cavity is cleaned and disinfected. After this, a material like a gutta percha is filled up into the cavity. This is then sealed off from the outside environs with cement. A dental cap or crown may be placed to function at the tooth as we see it. Many patients are of the view that root canal therapy is very painful. However, this is not so.

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